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Despite Their Hit, Echosmith's Members Still Don't Feel Like "Cool Kids"

Jonathan Weiner/Warner Bros. RecordsEchosmith, a band made up of three brothers and a sister from California, is riding high with its first big hit, "Cool Kids."  But even though the siblings now have a gold single, and even though their song was featured as part of Apple's launch of its new Apple Watch, the band members say that doesn't necessarily mean that they now feel like those kids they're singing about.

"No matter what situation you're in, you can still find at least one person out of the seven billion in the world to compare yourself to or to feel bad about because you're not like them," says lead singer Sydney Sierota.  "It's a whole thing we all go through, and that's why we wrote that song.  And I think that's why it's relating to people so much, because it's so real for us."

While part of the appeal of "Cool Kids" may be the fact that it's just so darn catchy, Sydney says the message behind the song is what's important for the band.

"We didn't write that song because we wanted it to be a hit, or a catchy song, or a song that people just liked singing with their friends," she tells ABC News Radio.  "I mean, that was a song that we related to.  And that's why we wrote it.  We didn't write it with the intent of having a single."

In fact, the success of "Cool Kids" has been a shock for Echosmith's members.  It almost didn't make it onto their debut album, Talking Dreams, and when they did put it out, they couldn't believe they response they got.

"We released it, like, a year and a half ago, so it's been out a while," Sydney's brother Noah, the band's bass player, explains.  "And we released it with two other songs, and all of a sudden we started playing these shows, and all these kids were singing it back to us.  We never had that before.  It was a complete surprise for us.

"Eventually everyone was...talking about it and telling us how much they relate to it, and all of a sudden we realized how powerful that song could be, and how much that could mean to people around the world," he adds.  "The fact that we've gone and traveled more parts of the world and see people in the Philippines singing that song back to us -- it's a really amazing thing."

"I know that everybody I've ever talked to has related to something like that," Sydney adds.  "The fact that we all have that desire at some point, whether you're a kid or not, to fit in or be like somebody else.  And I mean, in reality, what makes you cool is being yourself."

Despite the fact that "Cool Kids" is more than a year old, Echosmith doesn't have any plans to release a new single for a while.

"We're focusing on 'Cool Kids' for now because it seems to keep going up, which is insane because it's been out for over a year," says Sydney.  "And to see that a song that's been out for that long is still going straight up is awesome." 

Echosmith will open for American Authors when that band kicks off its headlining slot on this year's Honda Civic Tour, which starts October 1 in Reno, Nevada.

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Pink's New Musical Collaborator Provided Her Birthing Soundtrack, Too

Eliot Lee Hazel/RCA RecordsPink surprised fans a few weeks ago by announcing that she'll be releasing a new album in October under the name You Me.  Her musical collaborator in the project is singer/songwriter Dallas Green, and she's a big fan of his.  How big a fan?  It was his music she chose to listen to when she gave birth to her daughter, Willow.

The Australian paper The Daily Telegraph reports that Pink became a fan of Green, who records under the name The City and Colour, back in 2008, and she invited him to open her U.K. concerts in 2010.  Then, last year, he ended up opening three of her U.S. shows, and that's when, Green says, he found out how much she loves his music.

"During the show, Pink would ask for a round of applause for City and Colour and told the crowd, 'That was what I was listening to when Willow came into the world,'" Green told The Daily Telegraph.  "She would say that every night in front of 15,000 people or more; it was nuts.  I'll take that!"

The two got together this past March in L.A. to write songs together, and they ended up coming up with an entire album.  The result, rose ave., will be out October 14.  First the duo has released the song "You and Me," and now they've followed up with another song, "Break the Cycle," which you can hear streaming on

Speaking about writing the song, Pink tells the website, "I really wanted to write a song about my mom.  It didn't turn out to be quite the love song I thought it would be, but it's very honest and came out to be so much more."

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Britney Spears Demos Surface Online

Image Courtesy Michelangelo Di Battista RCA RecordsA couple of demos for Britney Spears' 2013 album, Britney Jean, are now online.

Both demos, which are untitled and were apparently uploaded months ago but only recently garnered attention, were collaborations with British musician and producer Dev Hynes, a.k.a. Blood Orange. They're a bit darker than the songs that ended up on Britney Jean.

Hynes tweeted on Monday, "How do things even leak?? Oh well! Enjoy."

In a late 2013 interview with the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, Hynes said he was "so stoked" about writing songs for Britney, but, he added, "They'd always come back with why they didn't like it and it wouldn't make any sense. I'd almost prefer them to say: 'We're scared we're not going to make any money so we're just going to use'" served as an executive producer of the project.

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"The Voice" Recap: The Blind Auditions Begin

Image Courtesy Trae Patton/NBCThe seventh season of The Voice premiered Monday night on NBC with the start of the blind auditions.

Veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were joined by two newcomers: Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. The foursome kicked off the two-hour broadcast by collaborating on a cover of Gwen's No Doubt hit "Hella Good," which was co-written by Pharrell.

Here are the highlights of the blind auditions:

Luke Wade was the first contestant of the new season. He performed "That's How Strong My Love Is," made famous by Otis Redding. All of the coaches pressed their buttons. Adam stood up on his chair with excitement, declaring to Luke, "You're going to win." Pharrell insisted he knew what to do with Luke's voice, and pleaded with Luke to let him be his "amplifier." Gwen joked that while Blake and Adam are mailing it in as veteran coaches, she's fresh and ready to go. Luke decided to join Pharrell.

Clara Hong was born in South Korea and moved to America when she was 8. All of the coaches except for Blake pressed their buttons as Clara sang "Chuck E's in Love" by Rickie Lee Jones. Gwen praised Clara for her stage presence, but she said she could help Clara improve even more in that area. She demonstrated on stage by singing a few lines of her No Doubt hit "Just a Girl." Adam wrote a poem for Clara, and even said hello to her in Korean. Pharrell countered with his own rhymes. Clara chose Adam.

Bryana Salaz, 16, belted out a remixed version of the Ariana Grande hit "Problem." Gwen pushed the fact that she's the only woman on the panel. Bryana joined Team Gwen, saying backstage that her new coach has been a longtime inspiration of hers.

A man identified only as Damien, a TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport who was deeply affected by the shooting there in 2013, crooned "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday." All four coaches made a bid for Damien, who broke down in tears and received a hug by Gwen. He went with Adam.

Allison Bray, who previously auditioned last season, sang Kacey Musgraves' "Merry Go 'Round." She's now a member of Team Blake.

Taylor John Williams, sporting a Jason Mraz-type look, delivered an acoustic rendition of Kanye West's "Heartless." You'll recall that former Voice runner-up Dia Frampton offered a similar cover during season one. Williams selected Gwen as his coach.

Elyjuh René performed the Beyoncé song "XO." Gwen loved the emotion he conveyed. Adam added that Elyjuh came off as vulnerable. Pharrell called Elyjuh one of the most amazing vocalists he's seen in a long time. Elyjuh will be on Pharrell's team.

James David Carter got all four coaches to give him a standing ovation, after singing the Kevin Sharp version of Tony Rich's "Nobody Knows." Adam and Gwen even stood on the back of their chairs. Pharrell said he didn't detect one moment when Carter was nervous. Blake declared it was arguably the best country audition he's heard in the show's history. Carter then responded that he once opened for Blake, when Blake had a mullet. Adam conceded his knowledge of country music is limited, but he guaranteed victory for Carter if he joined the Maroon 5 frontman's team. Carter decided to go with Blake instead.

The blind auditions will continue Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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Fergie Confirms New Single, Will Produce Broadway Musical "The Last Unicorn"

ABC/Kelsey McNealAfter focusing on motherhood for the past year or so, Fergie's suddenly got a lot of projects in the works.  Not only has she confirmed the release of a new single, but she and her husband are also working on a Broadway musical.

Fergie's confirmed via Instagram that her new single, "L.A. Love (la la)," will arrive September 29 as the first release from what will be her first solo album in eight years.  In addition, reports that she and hubby Josh Duhamel are involved with turning the 1968 fantasy novel The Last Unicorn into an "immersive" Broadway show.  In 1982, the book was turned into an animated film, and Fergie's been a fan of it since childhood. 

According to Playbill, Fergie and Josh will serve as producers for the project, along with a few others, and Fergie has already created some music for it, though she won't be responsible for the whole score.  There's currently no timetable for that project.

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Kanye West Is Now Teaching at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

ABC/Randy HolmesCan you imagine Kanye West as a college professor?  Well, according to Vulture, the outspoken rapper is passing down knowledge to students at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, a two-year school about two miles south of L.A.'s central business district.

Following his 2013 paparazzi scuffle, West is now teaching at L.A. Trade-Tech as a part of his mandated community service.  The school is known for its courses in fashion design and technology; notable alums include Jeffrey Sebelia, who won the third season of Project Runway.

West must log 250 hours.

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Meghan Trainor's Initial Thought About Her #1 Hit: "We're Never Going to Make a Dime Off This"

Epic RecordsMeghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" has been one of the surprise hits of the year, but she says that when she and her co-writer, Kevin Kadish, first created the empowerment anthem, they thought it had no future whatsoever.

While she and Kadish liked the song that they'd written, Meghan tells Billboard, "We told each other, 'We're never going to make a dime off this.'"  But three months later, she sang it for L.A. Reid, the head of Epic Records, and he signed her the following week.   Now that the single is platinum and has hit #1, Meghan says she's happy to be spreading a message of self-acceptance around the world.

"I got up at six this morning to reply to fan letters and Instagram posts," she tells Billboard.  "I don't consider myself a feminist, but I'm down for my first opportunity to say something to the world to be so meaningful.  If you asked me, 'What do you want to say?' it would be, 'Love yourself more.'"

Meghan says she was inspired to write the song because of her own issues growing up.  "I was always a little insecure," she reveals.  "I had brothers that played football, so I was just a straight-up tomboy for a minute.  I didn't know makeup and hair stuff.  My friends had to tell me what a straightener was.  I didn't know fashion or any of that until the label gave me a stylist."

While "All About That Bass" is about treating yourself better, some of the songs on her debut EP, Title, are about how men should do the same to women.  Those songs, too, came from real life, says Meghan.

"Girls need to be treated better.  I never got that growing up," she tells Billboard.  "In high school, I didn't date awesome dudes."  Unfortunately, these days, even if she met one who was awesome, she may not be able to fit him into her crazy schedule.

"Now I go to work, and I don't know if I got time for a boyfriend," she says. "But do you have anyone I could date?"

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Lorde Announces New Single "Yellow Flicker Beat" Is Coming September 29

Monty Brinton/CBSLorde's single for the soundtrack of the new movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1 is due September 29.  The singer revealed the news on Twitter, as well as the song's title: "Yellow Flicker Beat."

Lorde had already revealed one lyric from the song on Twitter a few weeks ago: "I'm a princess cut from marble/smoother than a storm."

Lorde is also curating the soundtrack of the film, which is due in November.  So far, there's no word on when the soundtrack will be out or which artists she's selected, although The Lumineers' rep has said that the band will have a song on the album.


— Lorde (@lordemusic) September 22, 2014

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Rixton to Release Debut Album "Let the Road" on January 6

School Boy/Giant Little Man/Mad Love/Interscope RecordsRixton's been on the charts for a while now with "Me and My Broken Heart," so it's easy to forget that they haven't even released their debut album.  But that's all about to change: The British band has announced a January 6 release date for the project.

The album is called Let the Road, and it features songs co-written by the band and their producer Benny Blanco, as well as a track written by their pal Ed Sheeran.   “Let the Road is something we're incredibly proud of,” singer Jake Roche says in a statement.  "Songs have survived six years to make it on this album, back when me and [bassist] Danny [Wilkin] were writing in the caravan having no idea where they would end up.  We feel incredibly humbled to be able to share this with our fans, and we hope you enjoy listening to it, just as much as we enjoyed making it."

Let the Road is available for pre-order starting September 30 at, and on October 7 everywhere else.  The lyric video for Rixton's latest single, "Wait on Me," is out now on VEVO.  The band will perform the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 6.

Rixton has the same manager as Ariana Grande, so it's no surprise to hear that the boys will open for Ariana on her upcoming North American tour, which kicks off February 25 and runs through April.  The band says in a statement, "Being asked to be Ariana's special guest is a huge honor.  We're massive fans of her and her incredible talent, and we're so excited to play these prestigious venues all over America."

Here's the track listing for Let the Road:

1. "Let The Road"
2. "Wait on Me"
3. "Appreciated"
4. "Beautiful Excuses"
5. "Me and My Broken Heart"
6. "Hotel Ceiling"
7. "I Like Girls"
8. "Speakerphone"
9. "We All Want the Same Thing"
10. "Whole"

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Sir Mix-a-Lot Supports Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABC

Last month, Sir Mix-a-Lot tweeted that he viewed Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video about 37 times.  Now, the rapper is revealing how he truly feels about the song, which samples his 1992 classic "Baby Got Back."

During his Reddit Ask Me Anything, the rap veteran spilled that he supports Nicki's hit record.  "It's amazing how people -- I guess maybe because they're not in the industry -- but how people think I should be mad about the song," said Mix-a-Lot.

He continued, "I think it's cool, she took part of the song, she made a Nicki Minaj song.  I love the track, I have fun listening to the track, it's crazy as hell, and for a guy who likes butts, how can [I] look at the video and say I don't like it?"

"Anaconda" currently sits at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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New Kelly Clarkson Album Coming "Early Next Year," May Have "Special Guest"

Jill Greenberg/RCA RecordsKelly Clarkson got fans excited Friday when she tweeted lyrics to one of the songs on her upcoming album.  Now she's revealed a bit more about the album, as part of a Twitter conversation with a fan.

The fan tweeted, "Hi Kelly. Are you going to have any crazy surprises for us on your new album?"  The Grammy-winner replied, "Yes. I'm so proud of my next album! Might have a special guest on the album ....maybe :) Doesn't come out until early next year."

As previously reported, this will be Kelly's first new album of non-holiday original material since 2011's Stronger.

While working on the album, Kelly is also enjoying first-time motherhood, but putting her daughter River Rose to bed can be trying at times, as she revealed on Twitter.  "Ran out of songs 2 sing while trying 2 put my little girl 2 sleep & she finally nods off after 'Silly Ho' by TLC," Kelly wrote, adding the hashtag, "#shecantunderstandthelyrics."

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Charli XCX Pushes Release of New Album, "Sucker," Back to Dec. 16th

Dan Curwin/Atlantic RecordsSorry, suckers The release of Charli XCX's new album, Suckers, has been pushed back to December...but according to her, that's a good thing.

"Ok so it wouldn't be a charli xcx album without a date change," she tweeted on Monday. "it's all COOL nothing's WRONG the albums DONE but it's just no one really knew boom clap would do as well as it's doing."

She goes on to explain that the success of "Boom Clap," her single from The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, is what's caused the delay in Sucker's release.  It was originally scheduled to arrive October 21: "I'm overwhelmed by the love for boom clap & the support from all u angels, I need to put the date back so I can launch the album properly...(i had no idea boom clap would hang about for so long... It's mind blowing and cool so thank u for that!)."

She finishes by revealing, "SUCKER will be released DEC 16TH in the USA and JAN 26TH in the UK and EUROPE."

Charli XCX is due to kick off a headlining tour on September 26.  That won't be affected, according to her label.

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"The Voice" Returns; New Coach Gwen Says Blake & Adam's "R-Rated" Antics Give Her a "Face Headache"

Trae Patton/NBCOn Monday night, The Voice returns for a seventh season, and this time around, there'll be two new faces in the big red chairs: Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.  The chart-topping artists, who are also longtime friends, join Voice lifers Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as coaches, and Gwen says dealing with those two goofballs on the set literally left her sore.

"Seriously, after day one...I haven't laughed that hard in so long," she says. "I had a face headache where everywhere was, like sore, from smiling and laughing. They were making me and Pharrell laugh so hard!"  She adds, "Everybody at home, they get a sneak peek at those two, but we got the R-rated, hilarious, locker room version of what they're getting at home. I mean, it is bad."

"I thought I was in a boys club my whole life, like being on a tour bus with all guys," she says, referring to her years with her band No Doubt. "But these two, they really take it to another level!"

"I don't even feel alive unless I'm making fun of Blake. And neither one of us cares about it. It's so much fun. It's genuinely a blast," laughs Adam, who pronounces season seven "the best...we've ever had." He adds, "I think that Gwen and Pharrell are incredible, formidable opponents, but also just people I respect and love very much."

Adam says he was surprised how little time it took for Gwen and Pharrell to get into the groove during the Blind Auditions. "The learning curve seemed nonexistent, almost," he says. "They were just really astute and good at it right away, and very competitive and took a lot of people away from me that I wanted."  He says he was also gratified that Gwen, especially, got sucked into the emotion of the competition.

"I told her, 'You're not gonna believe how wrapped up you get in this.' You do it, and all of a sudden you find yourself totally lost in it and you're loving it, and it's amazing," Adam says. "So, it happened, like I knew it would. It was just great to watch. It was just cool after six seasons to see that kind of joy about the show and enthusiasm back again."

As for Pharrell, he says he was pleasantly surprised at his experience on the show.  "My expectation is that it would be work that I would enjoy, but I was wrong. It's not been any work at all. It's been fun. Really, honestly fun," he says.  He also disagrees with those who feel that The Voice is a failure because it hasn't produced any superstars.  In his mind, the coaching the contestants receive makes it all worth it.

"Essentially, at the end of the day, there are 48 contestants, and only person is gonna win," he says. "The rest of those 47 people, like, their lives are gonna be changed because they had Blake teach them a lot about their voices and what they could do. And they had Gwen to teach them about the tone and their styling. And they had Adam to teach them about vocal control. That's huge!"

Gwen agrees that imparting lessons she's learned over the years is a big reason why she's excited to be on The Voice.

"I've had an amazing journey so far, and so to be able to to play this role as a coach, I feel super-blessed," she says. "It's gonna be one of those times in my life I know that I'm gonna look back and go, 'That was incredible.'"

The Voice debuts Monday night at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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Pregnant Alicia Keys Poses Nude to Draw Attention to New "We Are Here" Movement: “I Want to Gather an Army"

Douglas Gorenstein/NBCA female celebrity posing nude while pregnant is sure to garner a lot of attention, and Alicia Keys knows it.  The singer, who's expecting her second child in December, says that baring her baby bump will help her raise an "army" of fans to make a positive change in the world.

By being photographed naked with a peace sign drawn on her belly, Alicia is launching her new We Are Here Movement, which will, she hopes, inspire her fans to fight for social justice of every kind -- from stricter gun laws, to gay rights, to girls' education worldwide. She tells the New York Times, "I want to gather an army...It’s time to get people’s attention. People won’t be able to ignore this visual.”

Alicia has donated a million bucks of her own money to get the movement started, and it'll go to 12 different groups, which she hopes her fans will then choose to donate to themselves.  They include her own foundation, Keep a Child Alive, which helps kids affected by HIV and AIDS; All Out, a gay rights organization; Oxfam, which fights global poverty; War Child; which supports kids living in conflict areas, and the Trayvon Martin Foundation, which combats racial profiling.  She also plans to organize petitions, rallies and protests.

Alicia's newly released song "We Are Here" is the theme song for the movement. She tells the New York Times that she was inspired to write the song, and begin the movement, in part, when a friend asked her, "Why are you here?"  "Nobody had ever asked me that question before," says Alicia, noting that it started her thinking about what her purpose in life is, and what her legacy will be.

"We’re in the same head space. We think the same things,” she says of her and her fans. “This is bothering us, so how can we take that to the next step and do something about that, as opposed to just being angry?”

You can get more info at, and also watch a video where Alicia performs "We Are Here" and says, "It's not about me. It's about we, and together we can ignite the change that will create a more peaceful world for all children. And that's the truth."

Over the weekend, Alicia performed at a celebration for the late actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee at Riverside Church in New York. She performed her song "Superwoman" at the event. Dee died in June at the age of 91.


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Rihanna Reportedly a Victim of Celebrity Photo Hackers

Island Def JamRihanna is the latest victim of celebrity hackers. Nude photos, purportedly of the singer, leaked onto 4chan/Reddit on Sunday, according to TMZ.

One of the pictures reportedly shows a censored version of the 26-year-old Grammy-winner’s breasts. Hours later, another, more graphic, version of the picture was released.

The photos appear to have been taken while Rihanna was being fitted for an outfit.

The photos are the latest in a second wave of leaks over the weekend. Nude pictures of what appear to be Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Bosworth, Hope Solo, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union, and Suits' Abigail Spencer reportedly have also surfaced.

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Nick Jonas Hits the Road for Solo Tour, Hopes JoBros Fans Come Along for the Ride

Charles Sykes/BravoAfter years with the Jonas Brothers, and with his side project, The Administration, Nick Jonas is now stepping out solo with his new single "Jealous" and upcoming album.  He kicks off a solo tour Monday night in Seattle, and says he hopes fans of his previous work will be there in the audience, cheering him on.

"Yeah, this tour's gonna be fun," he tells ABC News Radio. "It's about kinda getting my legs back under me, and really trying to sorta get used to touring again: it's been awhile.  [I] gotta get out there, have fun, be in front of the fans and play this new music."

Asked if he expects that those fans who screamed for him when he was in the Jonas Brothers will accept him as "Nick Jonas, solo star" and enjoy his new musical direction, Nick says, "I think it's all about growth and taking those big steps, and trying to make bold statements, and knowing that when you step into a new phase of your career, you'll have a lot of people who'll come with you and join you on that ride, and some that don't. And that's ok."

"It's about just doing what you have to do as an artist and trying to make the statements you wanna make," he adds. 

Nick's self-titled solo album is due November 11.  The tour wraps up October 8 in Boston, the same day he'll make his debut playing an MMA fighter in Kingdom, DirecTV's new original drama series. 

Here are Nick's tour dates:

9/22 -- Seattle, WA, Showbox
9/24 -- San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall
9/27 -- Mesa, AZ, Virginia G. Piper Theater
9/29 -- Houston, TX, Fitzgerald’s -- Upstairs
9/30 -- Dallas, TX, Trees
10/2 -- Chicago, IL, The Bottom Lounge
10/3 -- Minneapolis, MN , Fine Line Music Café
10/5 -- Pontiac, MI, Crofoot Ballroom
10/6 -- Toronto, ON, Lee’s Palace
10/8 -- Boston, MA, The Wilbur Theatre

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Sia to Perform "Chandelier" on "Dancing with the Stars" Results Show with Dancer from Song's Video

RCA RecordsThe video for Sia's hit song "Chandelier" was so memorable because it featured an astonishing dance performance from 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler, the star of the Lifetime show Dance Moms.  On Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show, you'll get to see Maddie dance to the song live.

Sia is one of the musical guests on Tuesday's show, and she'll perform "Chandelier" as Maddie dances, alongside pro Allison Holker.  It's not clear how much we'll see of Sia, though, because the Aussie singer and songwriter has refused to pose for photos or show her face on TV to promote her #1 album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

Nico & Vinz will also appear on the show, performing their hit "Am I Wrong."  The show air live starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z's HBO Tour Special Premieres Tonight

Live Nation/Parkwood EntertainmentLast week saw Beyoncé and Jay Z concluding their joint outing at the Stade de France in Paris, and now fans can check out their HBO special, On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z, tonight, September 20. 

To get fans even more excited, the singer teased another preview of their special via her Facebook page.  "It's almost here!" she wrote in the caption.

In the black-and-white clip, Bey and Jay are getting prepared backstage while a stage director can be heard giving instructions to the crew over a walkie-talkie.  Just before the teaser ends, Beyoncé flashes a big smile as she enters the main stage.

The special will feature the famous couple performing more than 40 songs, including a surprise performance with Nicki Minaj for Bey's "Flawless" remix.

On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT Saturday on HBO.

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Phillip Phillips May Eat Birthday Cake and More Onstage at Saturday's "Food Network in Concert" Fest

Credit: Nick WalkerPhillip Phillips celebrates his 24th birthday on Saturday, and he'll be spending it engaging in his two favorite activities: playing music and eating.

Phillip is one of the headliners at the first-ever Food Network-branded music festival, taking place September 20 outside of Chicago, Illinois.  Not only will Phillip be playing, as well as his former tourmate John Mayer, but the charity event will feature cooking demonstrations and food tastings from some of the Food Network's biggest stars, as well as top chefs from around the country. 

"I'm so excited," Phillip tells ABC News Radio.  "I'm going to eat a lot of food."  In fact, he says he may not even wait until his set is over to chow down.   "I'm probably gonna walk off stage during the middle of the set and just go eat something," he jokes. "Or I'll just ask them to bring me some food up -- while the band's jamming, I'll just kinda sit down for a minute and just eat a little meal or cake."

Phillip is seriously into food -- he says he even tries to prepare his own food when he's on tour.

"Sometimes, yeah, we'll try to cook every once in a while," he tells ABC News Radio. "It's hard to in the fall,'s cold outside. But in the summertime, we try to do it once every couple of weeks, maybe twice. We have a tiny little grill we'll take out. It's tough but we try to. When I go home I like to cook a little bit."

And when he's not cooking, he's watching shows about cooking. The singer, who recently launched a new fall tour in support of his latest album Behind the Light, is also a bona fide Food Network addict.

"I love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," he says of the show that features Guy Fieri traveling around to hole-in-the-wall places and eating greasy delights. "I travel so much... I have the app on my phone and I always try to hit up those restaurants."

"So yeah, " he says. "I can watch eight or ten hours of that in a row!"  

Phillip wraps up his tour December 7 in Phoenix, AZ.

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Kelly Clarkson Shares Lyrics of Song from Upcoming Album

Monty Brinton/CBSKelly Clarkson may be enjoying her time as a new mom to daughter River Rose, but she hasn't forgotten about her music career.  She's working on a new album and shared some of its lyrics Friday on Twitter.

Kelly tweeted, "The high road can be a lonely place but I'd rather talk to my shadow than a mirage."  When fans immediately began speculating about what she was talking about -- or wondering if everything was all right with her -- she followed it up by writing, "Okay haha my last tweet was referring 2 a song that's going on my next album.  Things r great n my world!  The song is about the high road :)."

No word yet on when we can expect the new album.  Her last release was the holiday album Wrapped in Red, which came out last year.  Her last album of original non-holiday material was Stronger, which was released in 2011.

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